It doesn’t take a PhD to realize that there is a problem in the “United” States. The nation is so divided it’s crazy. I mean there’s no way over 300 million people are going to agree on one thing, right?!?! Well, there’s some things that should just be agreed on without even having to be …

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The System is literally set up for us to fail. By us, I mean black people. We are literally born with a target painted on us. Too many times have I seen a white person commit murder and walk away from the scene in cuffs while a black person leaves the scene in a body …

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Train of Thought

Man oh man 2020 has started pretty crappy. From the Coronavirus in Wuhan(China) and Wildfires in New South Wales(Australia) happening around the world…. To feeling the tragic loss of not one but 2 L.A. LEGENDS. I know one of them passed last year but it feels like the wounds weren’t completely healed yet. https://multimedia.scmp.com/infographics/news/china/article/3047038/wuhan-virus/index.html Now …

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