Kingdom and Culture

A friend recently brought it to my attention that something I posted was quote “Putting Black Culture over God’s Kingdom. Meaning causing division and exceeding any other culture.”

We proceeded to have a conversation about it and I want to share a few things.

I am a PROUD BLACK MAN. My culture is something I can not change, whether I like it or not. Just like any other “Minority” born in America, I have to work harder than others to get where I want in life. Of course anything is possible, but the road there is a little harder than if I was white.

We have been taught over time through media/educational systems to view ourselves not as a whole(Americans) but as subgroups(Black, White, Mexican, Asian, etc). We look at skin color and generalize individuals not taking where we were born into account at all. Individuals who all in some shape, form, or fashion are oppressed by the hegemonic power who “runs” over our culture.

If we were all “equal,” as you say we are, we wouldn’t be having this conversation. I have friends from every culture and I treat them all with respect no matter what they look like. It’s crazy to think but when we describe people from other cultures we say Romanian, Japanese, Argentinian, or Indian; but we never say American!

When people ask me “What are you?” or “Where are you from?” If I answered “American” they would look at me like I am weird. I usually answer I am “Belizean and Black” (Which usually doesn’t help anyway because I end up explaining where Belize is!)

Sorry let me get back to the subject….

When I say BLACK LIVES MATTER or I speak up about injustices BLACK PEOPLE face I am not putting down any other culture. My goal is not to put people of color above or against any other group of people. It is to encourage them to have their own best interests at heart in terms of how they treat, look at, and work with one another.

If you think everyone in this country is treated equally I don’t hate you. It just shows me that I need to do a better job of educating you. Whether it’s POLICE BRUTALITY, DE JURE SEGREGATION, or the KKK; they still exist whether you see it or not. To be honest, those are just a few of the issues that are predominant today… We keep going in circles making the same mistakes as our ancestors.

Our Culture is the result of lived-out behaviors that are acted on because of our core values. Our Core Values are our fundamental beliefs based on the way we view and experience life. I can’t have one without the other. My culture is heavily influenced by my beliefs.

God’s Kingdom and Black Culture are two separate topics but they are directly correlated. The book Race Religion and Racism by Dr. Price is a pretty good example of how these two are so close.

You can’t have one without the other!

Many Blacks hate church or blame Christians for “turning the other cheek” and forgiving their white slave owners. All because of the thought that the Church was white and it did not like blacks. White slave owners would go to church Sunday morning, then head over to the auction block right after service.

This is why the Church has to be connected now more than ever. Yes, the Bible says to Love your neighbor as yourself, that’s why I am going to teach them why I say and do things.

The word Race isn’t in the Bible, instead the term “Nation” is used. This is a more accurate representation and describes where we came from. Jews and Gentiles didn’t get along and God made sure to make it known he saw them as equals in Romans 2. Acts 10:34 Peter says, “In truth I perceive that God shows no partiality.”

I promote Black Culture to show that there is nothing inferior about it. No matter how much you hate us, we will still rise. Why? Because we have to. Because to truly be equal, we have to be better.

Not to discredit or put down any other movements that are going on right now, but we need to handle this before it gets swept under the rug (AGAIN). I understand there are so many issues America has to face, we can’t fix other issues until this one is addressed first. ICE Raids, Female rights, LGBT rights, Sex trafficking, Environmentalist movements, yeah we know we got some problems. When you’ve been fighting the same issue for 300 years somethings gotta give.

We all need to come together and realize. WHEN BLACK LIVES MATTER, then, and only then, can All Lives Matter.


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