I was driving home the other night and there was a car in front of me without their lights on. I flashed them with my high beams to alert them of my observation but nothing changed. We finally hit a red light so I decided to pull up aside them. When I rolled down my window the driver motioned as if he wanted to race. He grinned as he revved up the engine of his SRT Dodge Durango all blacked out, clearly trying to impress the girl he had in the passenger seat. I couldn’t help but to laugh, realizing that the wrong thing was getting turned on… “Turn on your lights bro” I screamed, trying to yell over the music he was blasting. I’m not sure if it was Bailame or ahora… one of those J Balvin spanish songs lol. After I yelled it again a second time the woman told him what I said… “Oh good looking out G” he replied as he turned down the music and gave me a thumbs up. 

Sometimes we think we know what someone is saying before we give them the chance to speak. We jump to conclusions, block them out, or just nod as if we are listening. I know I have a habit of doing it all the time. “Yeah, I know” has becomes a phrase I frequently find myself saying. Completely focussed on the wrong thing or assuming I already know what someone is going to say, I tend to tune out what’s important. We must learn to listen what someone is saying, IN ITS ENTIRETY, BEFORE we come up with a response. Doing this I have become more patient and have learned to think before I speak. It makes it easier to have a conversation instead of ‘barking’ back and forth at someone. 

I talked about change in my last post, sometimes we need to take a step back to see what changes we need to make. If we step back and evaluate our situation it makes the next step forward a million times easier. We have to look forward before we take steps. Didn’t your parents ever tell you to look before you cross the street. If you aren’t looking where you’re going how do you know you’re going the right way. Take a second to pray for not only knowledge, but wisdom to be able to use it. I set a daily 6AM reminder in my phone to look forward and figure out whats next. It could be a plan for that day or for the next week, as long as I’m planning for the future! I challenge you to do the same, it doesn’t have to be long and it definitely doesn’t have to be at 6AM. Set an alarm, take at least a minute to talk to God and right down whats next. When you turn on your headlights its a lot easier to see where you’re going.

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